【New model】KENSUI kaku-

Using a square pipe, it has a modern and masculine design, and it is possible to do dips and push-ups that were not possible with the first model KENSUI.

And as a result of a major overhaul of our production system, we were able to keep our selling prices down, and I believe we are now able to attract more customers.

The handle of "KENSUI -kaku-" this time is designed so that it can be attached to the first model KENSUI, and it is also sold as "KENSUI multi-handle".

We have included a web survey form this time as well, so we are waiting for your frank opinions such as points you noticed and areas you would like to improve.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by LINE or email.

We appreciate your continued patronage of our products.



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