About Us

Our products have a story.

The number of factories in Ota-ku, Tokyo, which support Japanese manufacturing, peaked at 5,120 in 1983 and began to decline, and in 2018 it decreased to 1,207. In the last 35 years, the number of factories has decreased by about 80% compared to the peak time, and the valuable technology of about 4000 companies has not been inherited to the present. In addition, the foundation of Japanese manufacturing is beginning to collapse due to the shortage of successors, the conversion of residential land to nearby areas, and the impact of this new virus.

Founded in the same Ota Ward, Tokyo, we have shifted from overseas manufacturing to manufacturing in Ota Ward, Tokyo, in order to change that situation as much as possible.
To provide new value, not just price
We will continue to provide products and services that will make you physically and mentally healthy.