▼Questions before purchasing▼

 Q,How can I find where the ceiling has substrate (solid substrate)?

The part with the substrate makes a dull sound when tapped, and does not resonate.

The part without the substrate has a hollow sound that resonates inside.

If you can't tell the difference in sound, push the ceiling up strongly with your palm and place it in a place where it won't rise.

  ※It is also possible to check the substrate position with a commercially available substrate sensor. (The base sensor can be purchased at home centers, Amazon, etc.)

Q,I'm worried about scratching the ceiling or floor.

A protective mat is attached to the product to prevent scratches.
Please note that there may be sunburn marks or dent marks depending on the installation location.

Q,How can I install it?

The product is installed by placing it between the ceiling and the floor and securing it with a tension rod.

Q,Please tell me the load capacity.

Load Capacity:About 130㎏

※The working load is an experimental value. This is a reference value because conditions vary depending on the installation location.

Q,Can it be installed on carpet, tatami mats, or tiles?

Yes,it can.

Q,Can it be installed in a wooden house?

Yes,it can.

If you push the ceiling up with your palm and the ceiling does not rise, you can install it.

Q,Is it possible to install it on the balcony?

It can be installed and used, but it is made for indoor use, so outdoor installation is not covered by the warranty.

Also, in the case of a collective housing, please observe the rules and install it as it is a shared part.

Q,What is the ceiling height for installation?

Height for installation:200cm~265cm

※Please contact us for a difference of 1-2cm as the installation height provided is approximate and allows for some margin.

Q,How far does it protrude from the wall?

※The maximum and minimum values when it is installed exactly flush against the wall.

Q,Should I put some kind of protective sheet on the ceiling, floor, and walls to prevent damage and for safety?

The product has protective mats attached to both the ceiling and floor sides. Please install it without anything in between. Installing it without anything in between is safer for use.

There is a possibility that slight dents or marks may occur over a long period of use or depending on the material of the ceiling.

Q,What is the size of the handle?

The handle size is φ34mm and φ29mm.

Q,To prevent scratches and ensure safety when installing, should earthquake-resistant gel sheets or anti-slip pads be inserted between the mounting surface (ceiling, floor)?

Please do not insert earthquake-resistant gel sheets or anti-slip pads.
The grounding part has a protective mat with anti-slip properties attached to it.

Q,After removal, will there be any marks left on the ceiling or floor?

The product is installed by tension between the ceiling and floor, so there is a possibility that there may be sunburn or installation marks left after removal.

Q,Is it possible to make a custom order?

Yes, the size of the top board and the width of the handle can be customized, and there are other parts that can be changed.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

※Additional fees may apply.

Q,What is the dimensions of the product?

Q,What is the dimensions of the handle?

Q,How can I assemble the product?

Please refer to the following for assembly instructions


Q,What is the warranty policy for the product?

 The product comes with a one-year warranty period from the date of purchase, and we offer free repair service if the product malfunctions within this period under normal use and according to the instructions on the user manual and warning labels attached to the product.
If there are any design-related issues such as initial scratches, peeling of paint, or any other transport-related damages, we will offer repair or replacement within 2 weeks after the product's arrival.
However, the free repair or replacement is only available if proof of purchase (order number, order confirmation email, etc.) can be provided (used items are not eligible). If the following situations occur, even during the warranty period, repair services will be subject to a fee: faults or damages caused by incorrect use, unjustified repair or modification; damage caused by dropping, fault or other physical damage after purchase; faults or damages caused by fire, gas exposure, earthquake, natural disasters, abnormal voltage or other force majeure; failure to provide this manual; faults or damages caused by use in a manner not intended for the product; damage caused by scratches, discoloration, dirt or improper storage after use; faults or damages caused by corrosion; and used items.

▼Questions after purchasing▼

Q,How much should I rotate the joints when installing by pressing them against the ceiling/floor?

After connecting the joint to the ceiling, turn it 2 times and then pull it forward to make sure it is horizontal. Then, turn it about 1 turn to fix it in place. There is no need to apply strong force when tightening.

Q,The product is wobble. Is this a defect?

It is not a defect. There may be some gaps in the connection, which causes the wobbling. Tightening all the bolts firmly should help improve the situation.

As long as you follow the instructions for use and the parts that are in contact with the ceiling and the floor are securely fixed and not moving, then a little bit of shaking is not a problem.

Q,The bolt for the handle grip won't go in. Is this a defect?

This is not a defect. The screw hole on the handle grip is threaded, so please insert and install the bolt while turning it.

Q,How far can the joint be extended when stretching?

Please do not extend the screw part of the joint more than 6cm.

Q,I think the bolt is under the most stress. Is there no problem with the durability of the bolt?

We use bolts that can withstand a force of 2 tons, so as long as you use it correctly, it should not break.

Q,I'm not sure if the struts are parallel.

If you have a level at hand, please use it to check if the struts are level. If you don't have one, you can hang a string from the handle, attach a five-yen coin to the end of the string, and check if the string hanging from the struts is parallel to the struts.

Q,The strut rotates.

When the load is applied to one side of the handle, the strut may rotate.

Please use it with both hands at all times.

▼For other inquiries

If the issue is not resolved or if you have more detailed questions about the product, please contact us using the following information.
Please provide the product name and send your inquiry. We will do our best to provide a detailed response.

Please contact us with your order number (a #4 digit number) included in the message.

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