Shipping policy

■ Delivery days

Usually, we will ship within 3 business days after the payment is completed.
However, if there are holidays such as New Year and Golden Week, we will ship sequentially after the next business day.
* Business days are weekdays excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and the year-end and New Year holidays.
Reserved items will be shipped "as soon as they arrive".

■ Shipping

Shipping fee is free except for Okinawa prefecture.

Okinawa prefecture costs 3,000 yen separately.

■ Overseas shipping

We are sorry, but we do not ship overseas. It will be shipped within Japan.
We do not deal with international shipping.

■ About specifying the delivery date and time

We are sorry, but you cannot specify the delivery date and time.
We will deliver the products as soon as they are ready.

■ When the delivery address is absent

If the delivery address is absent, the carrier will post an absentee card and the delivery address will contact you to respond.
Basically, if the delivery address is absent even after 7 days have passed since the absentee card was posted, the product will be returned to the shipping source.
If the item cannot be delivered and is returned, the customer will be responsible for the shipping cost for redelivery, so please accept it as much as possible.