KENSUI_ Frequently Asked Questions

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▼ About KENSUI

Q1, how do you install it?

Install the ceiling and floor by stretching them like a stick.

Q2, Is the ceiling or floor scratched ?

Since the attached protective mat is attached to the surface to be installed on the ceiling and floor, it is designed to be scratch resistant.

Q3, can it be installed outdoors?

Since KENSUI is manufactured for indoor use, we do not recommend installing it outdoors.

Q4, Should I put something like a protective mat to prevent the ceiling, floor and walls from being scratched and for safety?

Protective mats are attached to the ceiling side and floor side, so please install without sandwiching anything. It is safer to install it without sandwiching anything. Since there is a protective mat on the surface of the product to be installed on the ceiling or floor, we have taken care to prevent the ceiling and floor from being scratched as much as possible, but there are some dents depending on long-term use and wall material. And marks may occur. Thank you for your understanding.

Q5, I feel that the wide parallel grip is loose.

The wide parallel grip is designed so that it can be connected smoothly by widening the diameter so that it can be easily attached to the pipe. The bolts are highly durable, so you can use them with confidence.

▼ About the height of the ceiling that can be installed

Q1, how many centimeters can the ceiling be installed?

The height of the ceiling that can be installed is from 200 cm to 260 cm. It can be adjusted according to the height of the ceiling at home.

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